Motivational Illnesses

Hello! Thanks for coming and taking a gander at today's gallery which aims to discuss just a few of the different illnesses related to motivation. No dilly dally, let's just

Exhausted Free-Writing

It's been a minute since I took the time to write anything substantial. I yawn as I typed that sentence. Another yawn preceded by so many more as I look

Oh Sh*t With Every Bite

A broken MacBook charger led me to spend the day working at my grandparents' place. I was able to find a replacement from my cousins. I had the fortune of

Meet Daisy

tl;dr: we got another dog! The Video The Story A little under two weeks ago, I enjoyed Taco Tuesday with Tiff and Cody, one of my brothers who has

Let's Shake and Bake

My academic career has been far from perfect, not to mention my professional one. Those who know me since high school will remember that I was never there. Those who

A Eulogy for My Grandmother


I lost my Grandmother a few days ago, on Thursday earlier this week. While I understand that the death of our loved ones is a part of life, I've been


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No matter how much I think I know what I'm doing, I think I'm always going to be on some unpredictable path. I think things are always going to be


The last time I wrote a post was about nine months ago towards the beginning of my cross country drive to move to California. So much has happened since then.


I've had the fortune of speaking with some very accomplished individuals who are in the field today. One thing I made sure to take away from the conversations were bits

Rushing to the Top

I spent my early twenties stumbling, working internships to get by while half assing my studies. Some bad decisions were about money, worse ones involved impatience (working full time and