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Squadly Dev Post #4, Usability Testing

Summary Today our class conducted a usability test. In addition to classmates, testers included former students, friends, and family. Every team was required to provide documentation that would support a

Lessons Learned at Dinner

I spent this past weekend in NY where I had dinner at Circo, an italian circus themed restaraunt. While Groupon helped with the cost, this was probably the most expensive

What Rock Climbing Has Done for Me

I was up late one night and decided to take a look at some new activities to do with Tiffany. Groupon had a deal for a one month membership at


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01/04/2015 and 01/11/2015 Weekly Update 12/04/2015 I continued to work on some javascript game programming, but slowed down a bit to get back into

A Year In Review


2014 was an interesting year, and like everyone else I'm sure that we're all surprised at how fast it's gone by. As we celebrate the arrival of 2015, I reflect

Winter Break Progress


My first experience with a LAMP stack was on a VPS with digital ocean. Since ghost requires Nginx to run, I've spent a good portion of my break learning the



Every Christmas Eve, Tiffany and I gather my four younger brothers together at our place where we simply just hang out (Danny, the youngest, still believes in Santa). In addition

Hello There! It's Been a While.


Just made the migration from Wordpress to Ghost! Not sure why it took this long, but anyways, I'm going to make the effort to fill this blog with more content.

The Importance of Comments


Comments are a very valuable medium for growth. I don’t think I need to explain the ubiquity and value of mediums that allow individuals to voice an opinion and

First Post!

tl;dr: Hi, I’m Corey! I was inspired by Jeff Atwood to start making jabs sometime last week but never really got to it until now. About eight months