01/04/2015 and 01/11/2015 Weekly Update

12/04/2015 I continued to work on some javascript game programming, but slowed down a bit to get back into Go. Some time was taken away from side projects overall since I had to return to work. Oh well.

Here’s what I accomplished - a sprite that is drawn at the position of the mouse everytime the mouse position is changed within the canvas.

01/11/2015 I am on hiatus with javascript programming to get back into Go since there hasn’t been any activity on the blog either. I do believe that there needs to be a balance between my side projects. Aside from js and Go, I would like to spend some time writing… I can see why there are a myriad of developers who never finish their side projects.

On a side note, you’d be extremely surprised at what you can forget after 3 months. I pretty much had to teach myself Go from the bottom up. Ugh.