First Post!

tl;dr: Hi, I’m Corey!

I was inspired by Jeff Atwood to start making jabs sometime last week but never really got to it until now.

About eight months ago, I was under the impression that a person’s web presence should be as small as possible, and that blog posts only earn their merit as part of the web if they were worth their weight in gold. I really knew nothing more than what I learned from academia, and I was the type of person who wouldn’t want to make decisions unless the outcome was certain.

The fall of 2013 included an unprecedented wave of experiences. I took a web development course at school, landed an internship at a Rails shop, and got into hackathons. Even then I was scared to make any of my code public on Github because it wasn’t perfect.

I could not believe what I was missing out on. I’m not so sure I can explain even now what I thought I was missing out on. I was angry with myself for not being involved sooner, and frustrated with my curriculum for failing to introduce us to the technologies and practices that seem so fundamental to modern day doers (TDD, version control, agile software development). I was envious of those who were already apart of the awesomeness, and most of all impatient to learn EVERYTHING (painfully realizing it’s impossible) and do even more (even more painful).

Fast forward to mid 2014. I can’t say that I’m completely comfortable with not knowing where I’m going or where I want to be, but I’m learning that:

It’s okay. Mistakes are great. Fail early, and fail often!

I should never compare myself to anyone else.

School can only teach you so much.

In the end, I conclude that just didn’t look around hard enough or put myself out there far enough. Someday, I’ll have an opportunity to “give back” or be a part of something great, but for a little while I’m pretty sure that I’ll be the one learning from you guys. I hope you’re all ready for that, and sorry in advance.