Let's Shake and Bake

My academic career has been far from perfect, not to mention my professional one. Those who know me since high school will remember that I was never there. Those who know me really, really well know that there were many vices that contributed to it.

I received my undergraduate degree a few years after my friends who are around the same age, and a few years after that, graduating two years after my second college cohort. Yes, many of the vices that plagued me in high school stuck around. I’ve finally settled into a position where I’m working hard with an opportunity for growth + have a network of support to help me climb as fast as I’d like to go.

I don’t fall into the category of badass Software Engineers who make oodles of money because they were self taught at a young age, nor am I a goody-two-shoes who finished school in four years. I guess you could say that I carved a path of my own; a really windy one that probably reconnects with itself multiple times down the road. I’m happy, though.

Throughout the past two years since I’ve been working full time, so many of my friends and family have reached out with an interest in programming/web developing/computer science. I always make sure to give them my full attention and even more than enough time answering their questions and explaining things; demystifying, so to speak. I even meet people on the street who show an interest, and I always insist on them having my information in case they’d like to get serious.

So much time in my life has gone to explaining computer science from the ground level with hardware to higher level with programming languages and web development that I’m starting to actually feel like the time in my life that I’ll never get back in repeating myself has become quite substantial. I even review resum├ęs and help with cover letters!

I’m proud of the path that I’ve laid out for myself thus far, and it’s very fulfilling for me to be a part of someone else’s as they make out their own. I’m the oldest of six freakin’ boys (I’m the oldest at 27 while the youngest is about 10 months) with parents who didn’t have the opportunity to really do more than ensure that we were alive. Guiding and helping is what I do.

With that said, I’ve decided to make a serious effort to create a resource that people can use to get through or break into the Computer Science field. Whether you’re an up and coming or current college student studying Computer Science, someone looking to make a career change, someone looking to make an app, or someone who’s looking to develop their professional soft skills (writing, communication, etc), I’d like to help.

Wanna know something crazy? There are people out there that make MFM (Mad Fucking Money) doing this. They’re actually called coaches (#wtf?). I don’t want that merit. Ever. I don’t think that I could ever deserve it. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to be successful enough as a coach to have a Kohl’s-catalogue-model-esque avatar picture where I have perfect teeth, paid for 100% out of pocket from my wallet gouging services.

I actually checked Thesaurus for a less douchebaggy, more colloquial type of word but I couldn’t find one (mentor, advisor, guide, tutor were a few of the other words).

I don’t have any leadership certifications and I don’t manage people at work. To be quite honest, I just started building my career. There’s a really, really long way for me to go too, but I’m certain that my knowledge and experience of particular things in Computer Science and overall professionalism can do so much to help people get to where they want to get to. I’ve spent countless nights and weekends at home learning. Let me power level you and save you from more than a few of those.

This also comes with a full disclaimer that you might chalk all of this up to time wasted. Hey, at least we tried, and usually when it comes to help I’m the one that goes way farther than meeting halfway.

I guess you could call me a buddy (#cheesy, please let me know if you think of a better word), This guy that’s there to help you get on your way and help you become your best you.

What do I want? Hmm… Remember me when you make it big, take me out for a beer, write me a recommendation on LinkedIn or something, poke me on FaceBook. We’ll figure it out. Just know that whenever you have questions on anything Computer Science, writing, and other things, I’m around to talk.

In the next few weeks I’ll start out by posting a few things that can help people get started with programming and a little more. This includes resources that you can use to get started programming and other tools that are there to help you build a portfolio. Let’s SHAKE AND BAKE BAYBEE!