Rushing to the Top

I spent my early twenties stumbling, working internships to get by while half assing my studies. Some bad decisions were about money, worse ones involved impatience (working full time and attempting to pass seven courses). My problem is that I always set my sights too high. I frequently overestimate my capabilities and bite off more than I can chew.

While work was steady and rent was always being paid, my rock bottom was wasting my potential at a job that wasn’t going to help me reach the high bar that I constantly set for myself.

I should have made plans based on what I was confident in being able to achieve at that moment and grew from there. Instead, I set goals that were backed by nothing but words, goals that were not challenging and useless becuase they were simply unattainable considering my lack of focus.

I turned 25 in April. Twenty freakin five and I just received my undergraduate degree this Spring. A part of me gets depressed thinking about how long I was ‘lost’ for, however, I’m still proud of my ahcievements thus far.

The next year of my life will mostly be around the expensive city of Cambridge. Almost every aspect of my life has changed. While I am now free to focus on my career and hobbies, I’ve come to realize recently that planning is important. I truly believe that making educated, specific, and challenging plans is the most fucking important thing you can do in your life! Set yourself up for success and grow along the way. It’s that easy!!!™

Humor aside, I still think it’s absolutely fine to rush. I still do. While my friends and classmates were planning their graduation parties and planning vacations, I was going to job interviews so that I could start ASAP. My commencement ceremony was on a Saturday - I started work the following Monday. Actually, my plan for the next year is to rush and make up for lost time. The only difference is between me at 21 and now is my ability to organize and plan while commiting to them.

Huuuuge props to those who can organize their lives and consistently meet most of their goals. I can’t wait to be one of you.