Hello There! It's Been a While.

Just made the migration from Wordpress to Ghost! Not sure why it took this long, but anyways, I’m going to make the effort to fill this blog with more content. In the near future I plan to make another migration or change that will help to organize content.

I’ve just finished my second to last semester of school and things are going as planned. This semester was different for a couple of reasons. I’ve always had to work during school to make ends meet and have never been able to handle a full time course load. Passing this semester of 15 credits did not result in straight As, but I worked harder than ever before and learn much about myself. I have such admiration and respect for those of you who are used to juggling a similar schedule, especially if you’re doing much more. I have four courses left and applying for full time work is just a couple of weeks away.

Now that I’m on break there’s so much I want to do! I’ve held off on so much during school, including climbing and playing video games, even programming. Since this Fall semester didn’t involve any programmming intensive courses I’ve only programmed once in the past 13 weeks! While most would agree that there should be a balance between mind, body, and spirit, there’s no doubt that academics requires that balance to be broken. In addition to restoring that balance, I’m looking forward to working on side projects and guilt free video gaming. Merry XMAS and cheers to the new year!