The last time I wrote a post was about nine months ago towards the beginning of my cross country drive to move to California. So much has happened since then. I’ve spent time all over the United States, both in Airbnbs and tents. I was even in the Phillippines for a good month, and have settled pretty nicely in West Hollywood. It’s growing on me.

In addition to travel experiences, I’ve also grown professionally as a Software Developer. Being here on the West Coast thus far has been one of the best moves I’ve ever made, and I’m hoping to be able to put some kind of content together to sum up the past year. Can’t imagine what 2017 will bring.

For a peek at what I’ve been up to, visit my outdated travel blog here. The most up to date info is from my fiancĂ© (yes, fiancĂ©, more big news), her very up to date travel blog is here.

One final goodie: my fur child’s instagram! Talk soon.

Corey Prak