XMAS morning Selfie!

Every Christmas Eve, Tiffany and I gather my four younger brothers together at our place where we simply just hang out (Danny, the youngest, still believes in Santa). In addition to having stockings and watching xmas classics like Will Ferrel’s Elf we decided to be a bit more festive and make gingerbread houses. The night ended with Project M and Guardians of the Galaxy.

Christmas morning happens at my paternal grandparents’ home. This year most of the spotlight was on Kaci, the baby of the family who was enjoying her first Christmas at 7 months old.

For the first time the adults of the Prak family decided to participate in a Secret Santa event. I was lucky enough to be my father’s secret santa. With a $30 limit, what’s the perfect thing to get a middleaged Southeast Asian man!?! A case of Heinekin of course.

Soon afterwards I went with Tiffany to spend Christmas with her family, and lastly with my mother who’s present to us was preparing a second Thanksgiving meal (One upside of having divorced parents is that you have two different places to enjoy holidays at). There’s definitely no better way to end a busy Christmas day than entering a food coma.