The Road to Californication, Part 2: New Orleans, Pictures

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Douken Snooping around

Jam Space

Chill Space

Our room

Sriracha Packets!

First taste of Nola, still a bit early

Street Magician

Side Street

Frat house, the sign said, "If you can read this sign, you didn't drink enough!"

Lunch at one of the marketplaces

Meals From the Heart!

Crab cake Po Boy Sandwhich


Variety of sriracha hot sauces

A serious warning for the hottest sauce in the store

New Orleans themed hot sauces, haha

Pretty buildings

Lounging around at the dog park

Had crawfish for the first time!

Sending some warmth and love to the homies back on the east coast =p

She's the best

Savage AF


Some More Yum

Anxious Douken, he can see the dog park!

Doggy bathtubs

The vast dog park